Our services

Provide on-site installation service


Within 24 hours service


Provide reliable after-sale technical support



Service only a starting point, no ending.


1. Reply within 24 hours

2. Provide reliable after-sale technical support

3. Provide on-site installation service



We provide not only excellent equipments, but also perfect after-sale service. Please submit the operation examination report of equipment regularly; we will put forward suggestions after analyzing the data. Safety use, stable operation and cost saving are common purposes that we work for together.


1.Answer customer technical enquiries, providing our customers with good circumspect service

2.Provide customer floor plan and hydropower open cable after sign a contract within a week.

3. After design equipment program, please user participation scheme review.

4. A period of product manufacturing, the user can at any time according to need to supervise the production schedule and quality inspection.

5. Provide to the customer complete, accurate, detailed technical information.

6.To the users’ equipment installation technical guidance and equipment debugging.

7.Provide the customer technology, maintenance, operation personnel theory and operation of training.

8.The warranty time a one year after buy equipment, lifetime service.

9. For all the use of equipment and follow up service and establish perfect after-sale service quality file.

10. All the preferential price to provide various spare parts, wearing parts.

11. Equipment malfunction, provide 24 hours service, help on time expel the breakdown.