Natural gas heating trolley type heat treatment furnace

Model:natural gas furnace


Rated voltage3phase 380V can be customized



Working temperature650℃-950℃

Max temperature1200℃

Warranty12 months

Category: Gas heating furnace.
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Natural gas heating trolley type annealing furnace 



Trolley natural gas annealing furnace is the national energy-saving batch furnace, with energy-saving structure by 15%.The car is built with anti-collision sealing brick, furnace door and car adopt the cylinder lever clamp mechanism, which automatically seals the furnace car and door. This kind of furnace is mainly used for integral and parted quenching, annealing, heat treatment of large and medium-sized castings, pipe fittings and structural metals.


Main featurese

1. With uniform gas furnace temperature, and workpiece heated evenly.

2. Large loading capacity, high productivity, suitable for all kinds of types of workpiece.

3. Gas furnace lining adopts full fiber structure, greatly improve the furnace heat preservation performance, save energy and reduce the production cost;

4. Gas furnace loading and unloading is convenient, easy for operation.

5. Gas furnace is equipped with a chain protection device to prevent failure and accident because of wrong operation.

6. No pollution, environmental protection.


Technical parameters

Max natural gas consumption 768 m3/h Adjustable
Fuel Calorific value ~8500 Kcal/m3  
Compressed air pressure 0.4~ 0.6 Mpa Can be specified
Max working temperature 800 Can be specified
Gas pressure before burner 4~ 5 Kpa Can be specified
Air pressure before burner 5~ 6 Kpa  
Combustion preheated air temperature 5~ 350  
Combustion air Max consumption 8448 m3/h  
Smoke temperature ≤400  
temperature control area 12    
Furnace internal size 16000X6000X4500 mm The length can be changed
Temperature uniformity ±10  
Temperature increase of Furnace external surface ≤40  
Heating up time for empty furnace ≤2.5 h  
Max loading 150 T exclude the shim plates
Furnace door lifting speed 4~ 6 m/s  
Trolley moving method 6~ 8 m/s  
Temperature control method PID Automatic control Can be specified
Heating method Natural gas     
Furnace door lifting mechanism Fully automatic Can be specified
Trolley moving method Fully automatic Can be specified


Remarks: various size bogie hearth furnace can be also designed and manufactured as user’s needs