High Frequency Welding Machine

Rated Power:30KW

Working Voltage:380V 50HZ

Voltage Range:340-420V

Max Input Current:52A


Duty cycle:100%

Category: IGBT High frequency induction heat treatment.
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Product Description


Product Features:

1. Power saving: Power saving 30% compared to the electronic tube high frequency furnace. Electricity saving 20% and water saving 40% than the SCR intermediate frequency furnace.
2. Stable performance: Complete protection, no worries.
3. Heating speed fast: No oxide layer, small deformation.
4. Installation is simple and easy to operate, covers an area is small.
5. Isolation transformer: Safety, power factor is high, equipment  starting 100%.
6. Environmental protection: No pollution noise and dust.
7. Wide range of use: Can heat verious products.
8. The failure rate is low: The component passes through the strict screening test, guarantee the equipment stable work.
9. Power grid: Reducing the impact of harmonics on the power grid and pollution.
10. Automation: Can be connected with the upper machine and IPC to achieve automatic operation.



Technical Parameters





Voltage (V/HZ)



Max Input

Current (A)




Control Part

Cooling Water  Flow


Weight  (kg) Dimension (mm)
IRIS-SF-15 28-40 220/50 15 35 90% 100% 20/0.05 25 225*450*480
IRIS-SF-30 25-35 380/50 30 52 95% 100% 25/0.1 60 265*600*540