Copper Coils Inductor For Induction Machine

Type:Water Heater

Dimension(L*W*H):according the customer requirement

Weight:according the detail dimension

Final Dimension Voltage:220V/380V

Category: Optional accessories.
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Product Description

Heating Principle:

The flow of high-frequency and high-frequency machine is made of circular or other shape of the heating coil (usually with copper production). A coil which produces changes in the magnetic polarity of the instantaneous beam,the metal object is heated coil placed on the magnetic beam will be heated through the whole object, the object being heated inside the heating current in the opposite direction, there will corresponding large eddy currents.
Because of the heated object memory in the resistance, it will have a lot of Joule heat, so that the rapid rise in body temperature itself. Metallic material is heated to achieve for all purposes.


1.Heat treatment: Hardening, annealing, tempering of auto parts, motorcycles, hardware tools, gears, sprockets, pneumatic, hydraulic accessories.
2.Hot forming: Diathermy of small workpiece, hot forging and hot rolling of twist drill.
3.Welding: The welding of turning/woodworking tools, drill bits, serrated blade, steel, copper wall, similar metal.
4.Metal melting: (Vacuum) molding, casting molding and evaporation coating of gold, silver, Fe, Al and other metals.
5.Other applications: The production of semiconductor single crystal, with hot, bottle sealing, sealing toothpaste, powder coating, metal embedded in plastic and so on.