RN2 Pit type gas Nitriding Furnace

Model:RN2 nitriding furnace


rated power20 to 140 KW

rated voltage3 phase 380v can customized acoording user's requirement

rated temperature650℃

the capaticy160kg to 2100kg

furnace weight1400 kg to 6500 kgs

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Pit type nitriding furnace


Pit type nitriding furnace is standard energy-saving cycle operation nitriding resistance furnace .Mainly used for nitriding treatment under the medium conditions of ammonia and methanol for all kinds of steel mechanical parts,automobile crankshaft, piston rod, mold , auto slender rods  , and can also be used as general pit type heat furnace without any medium in the air .The nitrogen should be firstly supplied into the furnace to exhaust the air in the furnace before heating up the furnace,the nitrogen volume for exhausting air should be at least twice than normal operation .After several minutes's exhausting ,please continue heating to exhaust air, after two hours ,constant pressure nitriding for several hours,after completion of the nitriding process ,denitrogen for 1 to 2 hours , when the temperature has dropped below 150 degrees Celsius ,then nitrogen supply can be stopped and the workpiece can be drawn out of the furnace.


Main features

1. Carburizing and nitriding tank (muffle tank) is welded by excellent heat-resisting stainless steel, with good high temperature resistance and durability.

2. Save space, compact design brings more saved space, if your space do not allow more space for the equipment, you can choose to bury the equipment underground.

3. Adopt circulation fan within the furnace to stir the air in the furnace, to strengthen the internal gas flow, effectively increase the furnace temperature uniformity.

4. If it is damaged by mechanical collision, it only needs local modification, repairing, replacement, and can be put into application after repaired without heating the empty furnace.

5. The fan is controlled by variable frequency, which has small impact on current of power grid, and the operation is more stable.


Technical parameters


Rated Power


Rated temperature



Heating up time

for empty furnace(h)


  Furnace internal size   Furnace weight(kg)
RN2-20-6 20 650   ≤2.5 160   Φ450x520   1400
RN2-30-6 30 650   ≤2.5 200   Φ450x650   1700
RN2-45-6 45 650   ≤2.5 300   Φ450x1000   2000
RN2-60-6 60 650   ≤2.5 630   Φ650x1200   3000
RN2-75-6 75 650   ≤2.5 750   Φ800x1300   3800
RN2-90-6 90 650   ≤2.5 1450   Φ800x1600   4500
RN2-105-6 105 650   ≤2.5 1800   Φ1000x1600   5300
RN2-140-6 140 650   ≤2.5 2100   Φ1200x2000   6500