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Category: Gas heating furnace.
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product description

The aluminum alloy hot type heat exchange gas melting and holding furnace is used for melting and heat preservation of the die casting machine, and is designed with a flue gas heat exchanger, and the heat energy is recycled again, and the energy consumption is low. The combustion system is a combination of separate bodies, which improves the service life of the burner, stable combustion and safe and reliable operation.


main feature:

The lining is made up of high-aluminum refractory bricks and fiberboards. The insulation is made of nano-materials, the heat preservation effect is good, and the heating speed is fast.
The burner adopts a split combination structure, which is not easy to burn, stable in combustion, low in carbon and environmentally friendly.
It is equipped with a flue gas heat exchanger, which is used for thermal energy recycling, low energy consumption and long burner life. The high-pressure fan adopts frequency conversion control, the aluminum liquid temperature is controlled accurately, and the double temperature control improves the quality of the aluminum liquid. Natural gas and liquefied gas can be selected from a variety of sources.



Model Crucible Capacity (KG) Melting ability(KG/H) Rated voltage(V) Power (KCAL) Crucible size(MM)
GM200 200 80 380 15 Φ580×H630
GM250 250 90 380 17 Φ620×H630
GM300 300 100 380 20 Φ650×H650
GM400 400 120 380 20 Φ720×H700
GM500 500 150 380 27 Φ780×H750
GM600 600 180 380 30 Φ780×H900
GM800 800 270 380 37 Φ870×H1000
GM1000 1000 300 380 40 Φ880×H1140