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Common problems and solutions for carburizing and nitriding

a*.Nitrided surface hardness or depth is not enough

(1) It may be that the chemical composition of the steel is not suitable for nitriding treatment
(2) It may be that the tissue before nitriding treatment is not suitable
(3) It may be that the nitriding temperature is too high or too low
(4) Temperature or flow unevenness in the furnace
(5) Insufficient flow of ammonia gas
(6) The time of nitriding is not long enough

b*.The nitrogen parts bend badly
(1) The relaxation annealing treatment before nitriding is not done well
(2) Poor design of the workpiece geometry curve, such as asymmetry, too much thickness change, etc.
(3) The method of placing the workpiece to be processed in nitriding is incorrect.
(4) The surface properties of the workpiece to be treated are not uniform, such as uneven cleaning or uneven surface temperature

c*.Cracking and peeling of nitrided workpiece

(1) The decomposition rate of ammonia exceeds 85%, which may occur
(2) Decarburization layer exists on the surface of the workpiece before nitriding
(3) The workpiece design has obvious acute angles.
(4) When the white layer is too thick

d*.The white layer of the nitrided workpiece is too thick
(1) the temperature of nitriding treatment is too low
(2) this phenomenon may occur when the decomposition rate of ammonia is lower than 15%
(3) improper cooling process
e*.Unstable ammonia decomposition rate during nitriding treatment
(1) Decomposition rate tester line leaking
(2) too few workpieces are loaded into the furnace during nitriding treatment
(3) Change in pressure in the furnace causes ammonia flow to change
(4) Improper use of catalyst
f*.How to prevent carburization if the workpiece needs to be machined?
(1) Copper plating method, plating a copper layer with a thickness of 20 mm or more
(2) After applying the coating agent and drying, the copper powder suspended in the water glass solution can be used.
(3) Drying after applying anti-carbon coating agent, mainly using borax and organic solvent
(4) Iron oxide and clay mixture coating method
(5) Using a sleeve or a set of screws
g*.Insufficient hardness of the workpiece after carburizing
(1) Insufficient cooling rate, water spray cooling or brine cooling
(2) Insufficient carburization, strong carburizing agent can be used
(3) insufficient quenching temperature
(4) Decarburization caused by heating during quenching, can be directly quenched using a salt bath furnace
h*.Carburized layer peeling phenomenon
(1) The concentration of carbon content is too steep, and diffusion annealing should be applied.
(2) There is no intermediate layer, and the rate of carburization should be moderated.
(3) Over-carburizing phenomenon, consider the carburizing layer before grinding
(4) Repeated carburization may also cause carburization layer peeling

Aluminum alloy electromagnetic induction melting furnace

Energy-saving: the average heating energy consumption is 20-30% lower than that of ordinary resistance melting furnaces. It heats the crucible and prolongs its service life.
High efficiency: fast heating speed, high quality melt aluminum, improving production efficiency and product quality.
Environmental protection: electromagnetic induction heating, there is no emission pollution during the heating process, the temperature of the furnace shell is low.
Safety: electromagnetic induction heating melting furnace, there are no open flames, melts and insulates at the same time, closed-loop intelligent control system and perfect protection system, to ensure long-term safe operation of the equipment.

Aluminum electric resistance melting furnace

Imported heating resistance wire, it is safe and environment-friendly, energy consumption is about 30% lower than that of diesel furnace, low cost, and high thermal efficiency.
With silicon carbide crucible, special coatings, long service life.
The PID system automatically controls the power output as needed, save electricity.
Melt aluminum liquid temperature, the control accuracy are ± 5 °C, to ensure product quality, effectively reduce the scrap rate.
Furnace temperature measurement using ceramic sheathed thermocouple, accurate temperature measurement, long service life.
Furnace heat insulation material composed of composite lining, rapid heating, good insulation effect.

How to improve the induction furnace lining life

Intermediate frequency electric furnace in the first time and the future use, all needs to play in furnace lining and the sintering. According to the raw materials and smelting furnace need different acid and alkaline divided into lining, our factory is using acidic lining. Play lining, is to use the material such as quartz sand, the furnace wall do a layer isolation smelting furnace materials and within the induction coils, protect the induction coils. Play lining should pay attention, forcibly even playing strong, a play, a molding.Lining play need to the long time after low temperature baking, make a strong condenses into-whole, and has a strength, can go through melting liquid mixing and charging impact. Sintering, should follow the empty furnace temperature method of low power slow, continuous baking 36 hours or more, make full setting curing. The stand or fall of lining knot, is to ensure that the service life of intermediate frequency electric furnace and of the importance of safety premise.

Lining knot, how to correctly, reasonable operation is to extend intermediate frequency electric furnace service life and ensure the safety of life key. -a case, operation intermediate frequency electric furnace before you check, water cooling system flow is obstructed, cooling water pressure and water temperature is normal or not, whether the leakage phenomenon, hydraulic system is to work. Operation to do, careful not been touched a touch, one operator, a people care, and it is strictly prohibited to other workers into the room, prevent to get an electric shock.Smelting process to use dry melt material, and do light feeding, often adding material, when melting furnace materials should be timely to need to melt it out, avoid high temperature increase lining loss; Frequently observed, when found outside the furnace are aglow phenomenon, this is to leak harbingers of furnace, should be taken promptly shut and moderate frequency power, pour in from the melt materials, and other measures to avoid missing furnace accidents. In use should also pay attention to, when found lining is very thin, can't continue to use, should be destroying the old lining redo new lining, prevent leakage furnace accidents.

In addition, because of intermediate frequency electric furnace work in high temperature, high voltage, large down electricity. Therefore, we should often cleaning the room, power supply and induction coils which connect copper platoon of dust, prevent insulation fault decrease. Always check the water cooling water, water pressure is normal or not. Of all parts of the regular connecting bolts, nuts to tighten, prevent contact undesirable burned components. Regular water cooling system for pumping motor, hydraulic pressure station motor maintenance, cleaning the hydraulic oil, ensure the normal water and oil supply. The regular equipment rated voltage, current come to pass, prevent the protection circuit failure. Regular, correct and elaborate maintenance is to extend intermediate frequency electric stove service life and to ensure the security of the important guarantee.

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Between medium frequency electric furnace and industrial furnace difference

The intermediate frequency electric stove 200-2500 Hz intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, melting heat preservation, mainly used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, also can be used for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal smelting and raises the temperature. Equipment is small in size, light weight, high efficiency, less consumption, melting temperature fast, easy to control temperature and high production efficiency.

Intermediate frequency electric stove use power in a different way than industrial frequency electric furnace, is 380 V power frequency will be the ac power input and moderate frequency power ark, which will work in intermediate frequency power frequency ac power rectifier is single phase dc, again through intermediate frequency inverter become single-phase ac voltage, current, will single-phase ac voltage, current input medium frequency induction heater to produce electric boiler of water on induction heating. So the boiler heating process ZhongShuiDian separation, safe and reliable. Intermediate frequency electric stove with the following protection device.

1. Equipped with temperature control meter, water control meter, automatic temperature can move, automatic filling water, can be based on user need to set the water supply temperature, the return water temperature automatic adjustment. Water supply temperature more than set temperature, automatic stop, the return water temperature below the set temperature, automatic startup.

2. Equipped with LCD displays, accurate and direct-viewing showing water supply temperature, the return water temperature; The furnace water level, can be in water meter show that the operator can clearly master boiler operation.

3. Water control and the temperature sensor alarm all can turn to automatic protection system, failure, the corresponding indicator light shine, and automatic stop.

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